July 27, 2022


CFI Legends Wall

Recently a new wall of recognition was added to the Center for Immunology.

To commemorate over 25 years of outstanding research, CFI is honoring two of the founding members of the Center for Immunology, Drs. Tucker LeBien and Matthew Mescher. Dr. LeBien was instrumental in revitalizing immunology as a discipline at the University of Minnesota. After the hiring of a prominent immunologist, Dr. Matthew Mescher in 1993, both LeBien and Mescher worked together to organize all of the UMN immunologists from several departments throughout the medical school. Once organized the group of 11 other faculty members formed a new graduate program to enhance the visibility of training opportunities in immunology. Mescher then applied for grants to establish contiguous research space and in 1995 the official Center for Immunology was launched. Mescher was named the first CFI director and continued to lead the center until 2013 when he stepped down. LeBien continued to support the CFI at an administrative level as the Vice Dean for Research in the Medical School and Associate Vice President for Research in the Academic Health Center until his retirement in January 2022.  CFI is thrilled to begin the wall with two strong leaders. Stop by the 2nd floor WMBB to see the beautiful tributes to each of the legends.

MescherDrs. Tucker LeBien, Harry Orr, and CFI director Marc Jenkins