The Gillespie Lab left the University of Minnesota and CFI in 2016. Graduate Students in the lab were working on research that was aimed at identifying pathways that are dysregulated in autoimmunity by studying biological samples collected from patients with autoimmune disease. For example, one project sought to develop a test that can predict disease activity or other clinical outcomes of SLE using a panel of proteins that can be measured in a blood sample. Another project was focused on interferon-inducible serum chemokines, which are among the proteins associated with lupus disease activity and flare, and how they might be contributing to the disease process. This project explored the potential role of these chemokines in lupus-associated cardiovascular disease. 

Emily Gillespie, PhD



Dr. Gillespie is currently a Principal Clinical Evidence SpecialistPrincipal Clinical Evidence Specialist at MedtronicMedtronic in Fridley, Minnesota. She is currently working onFridley, Minnesota supporting the clinical evidence needs of the Medtronic Restorative Therapies Group in the Pelvic Health and Gastric Therapies business.

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