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What is COVID immunity, and how do you know if you have it?

Angela Davis, MPR news

On February 02, 2022, Angela Davis and Maja Beckstrom from MPR News   with Angela Davis talked with Dr. Marc Jenkins the director of the Center for    Immunology at the University of Minnesota Medical School, and Dr. Greg Poland the founder and director of the Mayo Vaccine Research Group and the editor-in-chief of the medical journal “Vaccine", about what immunity is, how it works and what shape we’ll be in as individuals and a community after the omicron surge.

Health Variant: omicron, natural immunity and the difficulty of hatching a global scientific conspiracy

Health Variant 1-5-2022In the1/5/2022 episode of "The Health Variant" podcast, host and NewsMD Health Correspondent Jeremy Fugleberg talks with immunologist Dr. Marc K. Jenkins at the University of Minnesota. Jenkins discusses what we know and don't know about the omicron variant, explains about why it's not so easy to know if you have the natural immunity you need to fight off COVID-19 (but could in the foreseeable future), and details what happened to the hopes for herd immunity. 

U of M researchers studying long-term immunity for COVID-19

Jan 6 2022 Kare11 storyResearchers at the University of Minnesota are trying to answer major questions of which the world still has no answers: At what point will coronavirus vaccines give long lasting immunity? And unlike most other vaccines, why does the immunity from these go away so quickly?

On Jan. 6, 2022 Chris Hrapsky and Kare11 visited the Jenkins Lab to see what the frontline of COVID research looks like.

Vax Facts | Answering viewer questions on boosters, coronavirus mutations, hospital strain

Kare11 TV-12/15/2021Kare 11 vaccine vax 12-15-21
Chris Hrapsky spoke with health experts including Dr. Marc Jenkins, to answer some of your latest questions on the coronavirus. 

COVID-19 case rates? Vaccine safety? Boosters? 

Richfield video 11-19-2021Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez of Richfield, MN wants to keep her community informed regarding a variety of topics. Since early 2020, a dozen "A Moment with the Mayor" episodes have aired, ranging from the city's new dog park to the COVID-19 pandemic to heroes that make Richfield a better place to live, learn, work and play. On Nov. 19, 2021 the mayor thought it would be a good idea to speak with one of the state's leading experts in immunology, Dr. Marc Jenkins, to separate the facts from the fiction of all the COVID-19 information out there regarding case rates, vaccine safety, boosters and everything in between.

Vax Facts: Explaining how booster shots work11-18-21 interview

Dr. Marc Jenkins spoke with Kare11's Chris Hrapsky about SARS-CoV-2 immunology and the importance of boosters, explaining that getting boosters increase protection in everyone rather than risk leaving some people vulnerable to infection.


What has better protection, COVID infection or COVID vaccine?

KARE-TV - 10/29/2021KARE 11 interview 10-29-21
Studies show potential for strong "natural immunity" after infection, but that protection varies. A new study suggests vaccines better prevent serious illness. Chris Hrapsky from KARE-11 talks to Dr. Marc Jenkins to find the answer.


Oct 4 interviewKSTP's Callan Grey sat down with Dr. Marc Jenkins and talked about the recently published paper in Cell Reports that shows the effectiveness of the mRNA vaccines among people who’ve previously had COVID compared to those who didn’t contract the virus.


Why Are Vaccines Injected Into Our Arms?WCCO: why are vaccines in the arm

On Oct. 6, 2021 Jeff Wagner from WCCO news asked the question to Dr. Marc Jenkins: Why are vaccines injected into our arms? And what happens once it’s in our muscle? Heres the answer.


WCCO 10-6-21
CFI researchers continue to answer your COVID questions: A team led by Dr. Marc Jenkins has found those who’ve had COVID get a huge Immunity Boost from the vaccine. WCCO news Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield talks with Dr. Jenkins about the results.


Extra COVID vaccine approved for those with weak immune systems

Marc on KSTPWith the FDA approving Pfizer and Moderna booster shots for immunocompromised, Dr. Marc Jenkins spoke with Jay Kolls from KSTP news last night about the vaccine booster for those with weakened immune systems.

Kare11 7-21Dr. Marc Jenkins, sat down on 7/25/2021 for an extended interview with Chris Hrapsky from Kare11 news to talk about all things COVID19.

Four new studies are helping to answer just how protected people are after a coronavirus infection and how potent a vaccine can be after infection. The research shows good evidence that natural immunity lasts at least a year and could last much longer, according to experts, but it’s unclear if the protection is enough to neutralize several variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Dr. Jenkins and Mr. Hrapsky sit down to discuss these findings and more.

YouTube link for full interview

On May 29, 2021 Dr. Marc Jenkins was interviewed by the Star Tribune opinion
writer Jill Burcum.Marc- Start Tribune

The Star Tribune Editorial Pages have launched "Our Best Shot," an occasions series addressing questions and concerns about COVID-19 vaccine. The Star Tribune Editorial Board enlisted Dr. Jenkins to address concerns about Pfizer and Moderna vaccines' important role in ending the pandemic, as part of its ongoing "Our Best Shot" series tackling vaccine hesitancy. To read the
newspaper editorial, go to

WCCO: why are vaccines in the armOn April 6, 2021 Jeff Wagner from WCCO asked:

Why are many vaccines administered as a shot? Dr. Marc Jenkins has the answer:  “A goal of most vaccines is to induce a strong immune response,” said Dr. Marc Jenkins, director of the Center of Immunology at the University of Minnesota. “And the place in the body where you can do that the best are in organs called lymph nodes.”

U of M scientists discover cells that SARS-CoV-2 infects first, confirm the effectiveness of Remdesivir treatment

Dr. Langlois, KARE-11 2-15-21A UMN Medical School research team led by Drs. Ryan Langlois and Tyler Bold studied SARS-CoV-2 infections at individual cellular levels and made four major discoveries about the virus, including one that validates the effectiveness of Remdesivir as a form of treatment for severe COVID-19 disease. In an interview with KARE-11's Jennifer Hoff, Dr. Langlois explains more about the team's findings. Link here

Jameson weighs in how long a COVID-19 vaccine will last

Jameson on NPRLMP professor Steve Jameson was one of the experts National Public Radio turned
to for 3 Questions And The Emerging Answers About COVID-19 Vaccine Protection


KARE-11 Explains: Everything you need to know about vaccines

Marc talks with Kare11Chris Hrapsky from Kare11 and Dr. Marc Jenkins give a quick overview of the types of vaccines that are available and how they work to fight viruses. They also explain the new COVID-19 vaccine and how it is different yet more effective than the old vaccines.



City of Richfield, MN awards Dr. Marc Jenkins the key to the city

Some cities hand out Keys to the City like the practice is going out of style. The City of Richfield on the other hand only awards Keys to the City to individuals who have made a major impact in the community, State of Minnesota, nation, or in the case of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the world. This past June, the city council awarded Dr. Marc Jenkinswith the key to the city to recognize his accomplishments in the field of immunology, recent election to the National Academy of Sciences, and his work to better public education in Richfield.    

On August 11, 2020, for the fifty-second episode of the That’s Rich(field) podcast, we sat down with Dr. Jenkins to discuss his career accomplishments, his research team's recent creation of a COVID-19 antibody test, and what it is like being elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

 Listen: 1) iTunes 2) Spotify 3) Website 

Morning buzz 7-29-20Dr. Marc Jenkins joined Fox9 Morning Buzz on 7-29-20 to answer questions
about COVID-19 vaccines and how UMN is following less traveled roads to
ind a long term solution.


Marc talks with TolarJuly 16, 2020

Dr. Marc Jenkins talks with UMN Campus Public Health Officer Dr. Jakub Tolar about what vaccines are and how they work, and shares the work underway by UMN health sciences researchers to develop possible vaccines for COVID-19.




KARE-11 7-14-2020

KARE-11 interview with Jennifer Austin on July 14, 2020.

 FMorning Buzz 5-14-20ox9 the Morning Buzz interview with Alex Kendall and Ryan Langlois




Department of Orthopedic Surgery Grand Rounds: 5-8-2020.     GRAND ROUNDS 5-8-20 

Kare 11 4-15-20KARE-11 interview with Kent Erdahl on April 15, 2020 




KARE-11 4-1-20KARE-11 (4/1/2020)




WCCO radioWCCO-Radio




WCCO news 4-1-20

WCCO GOOD QUESTION from June 2020