Research Positions

Research Associate 2012-2016
Laboratory of Dan Kaplan

Research Emphasis/Publications: Explore therapeutic strategies targeting TGFβ1 activating integrins αvβ6 and αvβ8 for various pathologies associated with tissue inflammation, fibrosis and autoimmunity.  Role of integrins αvβ6 and αvβ8 in epidermal dendritic cell migration and resident memory CD8 T cell development and maintenance in skin.  Interactions of keratinocyte subsets including hair follicle stem cells with hematopoietic cells.  Langerhans cell and resident memory CD8 T cell immunology and their role in skin pathology.  Full list of Publications

Current PositionAssistant Professor, Dermatology, University of Minnesota, MN
Current Info: [email protected]

Mohammed Shaik, M.S., D.V.M., Ph.D.