Research Positions

Email: [email protected]

Program: Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology Graduate Student
Year Entered: 2019
Thesis Advisor: David Masopust (Lab website)

Research: Tissue-resident memory T cells (T RM ) patrol peripheral tissues without recirculating through blood or lymph and play a critical role in front-line protection from viral infections. Recently, the Masopust lab reported the existence of bona fide lymph node resident memory T cells (LN T RM ). Although LN T RM may constitute a significant proportion of memory T cells in human lymph nodes, their function is entirely unknown. My research aims to define the ontogeny, fate, and function of LN T RM. I will investigate the specific contributions of LN T RM to lymph node immunosurveillance, local viral clearance, and orchestration of memory immune responses. List of publications

Degrees received:
BS, Bethel University, 2015

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Stephen O'Flanagan