Research Positions

Email: [email protected] 

Program: Comparative and Molecular Biosciences Graduate Student (DVM/PhD program)
Year Entered: 2018
Thesis Advisors: Steven Friedenberg and Marc Jenkins 

Autoimmune Addison's Disease (AAD) is a life-threatening endocrinopathy that naturally develops in humans and dogs and is characterized by the immune-mediated destruction of the adrenal cortex. To understand the immunological causes of AAD autoreactivity, we are creating a canine model for AAD to identify and characterize the autoantigen(s) and the autoreactive CD4+ T cell population involved in disease onset. To study these autoimmune triggers, we will utilize canine-specific peptide MHC II tetramers and T cell activation marker assays that we have developed. With a more informed understanding of AAD, we hope to bring the standard of treatment into a new era of antigen-specific therapeutics for the benefit of humans and dogs alike. 

Degrees received:
BS, Pre-veterinary Studies, University MA-Amherst, 2018

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Haeree Park Lang