Fellowship dates: 2008-2010
Kris Hogquist
Research Emphasis: T cells and Thymic development

Research Associate 2010-2016
Laboratory of Dr. Kristin A. Hogquist

Research Emphasis/Pubications:  Cortical thymic epithelial cells (cTECs) provide an essential microenvironment for positive selection of MHC-restricted T cells. Data in recent years have identified a novel proteasome subunit b5t exclusively expressed in cTECs and suggested b5t plays a key role in generating the MHC Class I-restricted CD8+ T cell repertoire during thymic selection. The proteasome—a multisubunit protease—is the central proteolytic machinery in the cell, and the main machinery for the generation of antigenic peptides. We are studying how the proteasome modifies a unique peptide repertoire presented by MHC class I on cTECs, that is essential for positive selection of CD8 T cells. Publications

Current Position: Immunologist, Mirror Biologics, Lutz, Fl
Contact Info: [email protected]

Yan Xing, M.D., Ph.D.