Contact Info: [email protected] 

Senior Research Associate: 2013-present
Mentor: Mike Farrar
Research Emphasis/Publications: B cell development and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Full list of Publications

Fellowship dates: 2007-2013
Mentor: Mike Farrar
Research Emphasis:  B cell immunology including my graduate work on transcriptional regulation in the avian B cell, studying gene therapy approaches to B cell cancers, attempting to understand how autoreactive B cell specificities may escape tolerance and anergy in mouse models, and attempting to understand signaling and its role in somatic hypermutation and class switching.

Fellowship dates: 2009-2015
Mentor: Matt Mescher
Research Emphasis:  Cutting edge: IL-12 and type I IFN differentially program CD8 T cells for programmed death 1 re-expression levels and tumor control.

Degrees received:
PhD, Iowa State University, 1997
BA, St. Cloud State University, 1991



Lynn Heltemes-Harris, Ph.D.