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Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatic and Autoimmune Diseases: 2022-present
Mentor: Dan Mueller
Research Emphasis/Publications: Developing a basic science and translational research program examining the intersection of infection and autoimmunity through the lens of tissue-resident immune networks. Full list of Publications


Fellowship dates: 2017-2022
Mentor: David Masopust (Lab website)
Research Emphasis: Mouse models of inflammatory arthritis. Natural microbial exposure mouse models CD8+ T cells.  As a member of Dr. David Masopust’s lab, research is focused on the interplay between viral infections, the establishment of CD8+ T resident memory cells, and inflammatory arthritis.  List of Publications

Degrees Received:
M.D.: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Ph.D.: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Sahar Lotfi-Emran, MD, PhD